Welcome to Mizu Japanese Cuisine

Mizu is the traditional Japanese word that stands for the water element “水”.

What is Hibachi , what does Hibachi stand for? Hibachi is where everyone is gathered around a table with a chef that prepares the ordered meals on the spot with cool sticks and a great show to make it an unforgettable experience.

Hibachi was originally a heating device in Japan, it is a container that simply holds and burns charcoal. The actual Japanese word used to refer to the Japanese style teppan-yaki is called “shichirin”, but it is made believe that when the idea of cooking on a hotplate was first introduced to the western culture they called it “Hibachi” because it was easier to pronounce.

Today, sushi and hibachi is one of the most popular ways to dine, and we here at Mizu offer you the best chefs for your enjoyment and the best quality of food for your delight.

Welcome to Mizu Sushi and Hibachi, enjoy you meals!

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